I'm Omar, and my journey began with the mesmerizing first 3-way handshake and the allure of greenboards, sparking an insatiable curiosity for technology. Since then, I've become an experienced analyst with a solid background in information technology and services, specializing in SOC monitoring using SIEM's and other innovative tools to build resilient solutions.

In my pursuit of knowledge, I've designed an AI-based tool for my Master's project that learns from Metasploit and tests networks, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in cybersecurity. With a top 1% TryHackMe CTF rank under the alias "fr33s0ul," I'm constantly challenging myself and seeking new ways to excel.

I believe in sharing knowledge for the greater good of humanity. You can find me on TryHackMe, Twitter, Linkedin where I continue my ethical academic research and educational endeavors. Drop me an email at fr33s0u1@protonmail.com, and let's collaborate to make our digital world a safer place.

[All content and knowledge shared are strictly for ethical academic research and educational purposes. No illegal activities are promoted or endorsed.]

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